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When offering a cash advance for a pending case, lawsuit funding companies analyze a wide variety of information.  At Fair Rate Funding, we frequently are asked how the client can help us during the case loan process.  Below is a brief outline of the steps clients can take to help ... Read More


A Lawsuit Loan Offers Immediate Financial Relief to Plaintiffs Who Need Cash Now! The lawsuit loan, also known as lawsuit funding or pre-settlement funding, is quite a unique investment. The structure of the lawsuit loan allows investors to assist ... Read More


Lawsuit Funding Buyouts Show Flexibility Often, clients receive lawsuit funding and later need more money than their original lawsuit cash advance.  Lawsuit funding companies usually give more money to a plaintiff/client with a strong enough case to justify the additional risk.  But the determination is subjective.  That is, the lawsuit ... Read More


Lawsuit funding is the process of advancing money to plaintiffs in return for a portion of the proceeds of their lawsuit.  The money can be used to fray the costs of litigation or to pay for daily expenses while the matter is litigated.  Below are the top 5 things applicants ... Read More

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