Are you involved in a pending or settled lawsuit but cannot wait for your money?

If this is your problem, settlement funding (also known as a pre settlement loan or lawsuit cash advance) from Fair Rate Funding is the solution.

Get Cash Now

Lawsuits take time to settle, sometimes as much as four years. This situation could possibly strain your financial condition to the point where help is needed.

Lowest Interest Rates

We offer the LOWEST available rates for preferred cases. Calculated interest payments are capped after 3 years from the Funding Date.


We use straightforward contractual language with an easy to understand payback schedule.

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Why Choose Us?

1. Quick Approval

Typically we are able to pay out on cases within 24 to 48 hours. This allows you to get the money you need now without having to complete a long and stressful process.

2. Lowest Rates in the Industry

We offer the LOWEST rate structure in the entire industry. In fact, over time the savings can add up exponentially when you choose Fair Rate Funding. Please view our rate structure chart for a complete comparative analysis.

3. Immediate funds for you to use as you wish

Collecting on your settlement takes time, usually between two and four years. This puts tremendous strain on your financial resources. Chances are you will eventually receive a substantial award. But until your case is settled, your bills keep piling up. With you choose lawsuit funding through Fair Rate Funding you can pay your bills and afford you daily living expenses while you wait for your case to settle.

4. A Zero Risk Proposition

Pre settlement loans are generally described as “non recourse” loans. This means if you do not collect any money in the lawsuit, the cash advance is not paid back. With lawsuit funding, we take the risk and you take the cash.

While there is inherent risk in advancing cash through lawsuit funding, our underwriters are especially skilled in assessing the likelihood the loan will be paid back. Rest assured, if we approve your case for funding, we believe you have a strong case and that you will eventually recover money for your lawsuit.

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The staff at Fair Rate Funding has decades of accumulated experience in lawsuit financing. We strive to accommodate you in every possible respect because we know that you would only be cashing in on your pending lawsuit under the direst of circumstances.

We often hear of clients about to lose their house, car or other financial hardship. We are here to help. You will find the sales department at Fair Rate Funding to be the most professional in the business. We understand your situation and have accepted the responsibility to help out if at all possible. Special requests are always considered on a case by case basis and we have the experience to understand the issues facing an injured plaintiff. Speedy service is our utmost priority.

Our underwriting staff consists of legal professionals who have been practicing law in various capacities for many, many years. In an effort to be thorough, each case is handled by one of our underwriters personally assigned to that case. Once all of the information is gathered, the matter is sent to the underwriting committee for a final determination. By using this method, we can guarantee a prompt decision, often within 24 hours of the initial application.Again, we strive to approve the client in as little time as possible. The reason for this is twofold. First, we don"t want you to wait for your money, you have waited enough. Second, if for some reason we cannot help, you will have enough time to search around for another company who can. That is our goal.

If you have any additional questions or concerns, please visit our FAQ page or drop us an email at you can contact us now at 888-964-2224.

The Lowest Rates In Litigation Finance

If you have a pending lawsuit and have a lawyer representing you on a contingent fee basis you may eligible for litigation finance from Fair Rate Funding. If you are in the need of immediate cash while waiting for compensation on your case, Fair Rate Funding can provide litigation finance to help pay for your expenses while your case is being litigated.