Same Day Settlement Loans

Lawsuit loan companies advertise settlement loans on the same day the plaintiff applies for assistance.  While same day settlement loans do occur, most lawsuit loans are funded within several days of application.

Below we discuss the ability of applicants to secure settlement loans the same day as they first apply.

People use same day settlement loans to cover a variety of different expenses.  Some of these include:

  • Rent or mortgage payments
  • Groceries
  • Medical bills
  • Medical treatment
  • Legal fees
  • Car payments
  • Taxes or other debts
  • And more . . .

In fact, there are absolutely no restrictions on the use of same day lawsuit settlement loans.  Clients can use the money any way they wish.


Same Day Settlement Loan Process

It is important to understand the lawsuit loan application process.  Once understood, a client can better understand the steps involved in same day settlement loans.

The first step in the process is contacting the lawsuit loan company.  Obviously, you are looking for the best lawsuit loan company.  Learn how to find the best lawsuit loan company here.

Next, you speak to a lawsuit funding representative and tell him/her a little bit about the case.  From that conversation, the company will complete an application and your case will be marked “pre-qualified” for funding.  This means that, based on the initial conversation, the lawsuit funding company feels that there is a good chance they can help you.

Once the application is completed, the lawsuit funding company goes to work.  The steps the company takes are:

  1. Email or Fax correspondence to applicant’s attorney indicating their client has applied for funding on their case and requesting certain documents to be forwarded.
  2. Once documents are received and are complete, they are sent to legal funding underwriting for review. A lawsuit funding underwriter will confirm the documents are in order and will set up a call to the lawyer’s office to speak about the case.
  3. Once the attorney/underwriter phone call or correspondence occurs, the case is approved or denied for funding.
  4. If denied, the client is informed of the decision so that he/she can seek funding elsewhere.
  5. If approved, an offer is made to the client and contract presented if the amount is agreed upon.

Once a deal is reached, the same day settlement loan applicant and company execute the contract.  Once returned, the case is sent to the funding department for ACH deposit, wire transfer or overnight check delivery.

That concludes the settlement loan process.


Same Day Funding FAQS

Fair Rate Legal Funding

Can I get a lawsuit loan on the same day of application?

The answer is yes.  You now know the steps that must occur before you are funded.

How many applicants are funded the very same day?

Not all applicants receive same day lawsuit settlement loans but many do!

How quick is your process compared to other same day settlement loan companies?

Fair Rate Funding is a leader in the lawsuit funding business.  We have been processing and funding lawsuits since 2007.  We understand same day lawsuit loans are a “now” business and have streamlined our process to be the most efficient anywhere in the lawsuit funding business.

Why should I get a same day settlement loan from Fair Rate Funding?

Fair Rate Funding is one of the best lawsuit funding companies and operates nationally.  We provide same day settlement loans for almost any type of contingency fee lawsuit.  We have best rates in the industry and will match or better any other company’s rate.  There are no monthly or up-front fees and our settlement loans are completely risk free – if you don’t win your case, you don’t have to pay us back!


Apply for Same Day Lawsuit Loan Funding Now

We understand the challenges plaintiffs face during the legal process.  Pending claims/cases can sometimes take years to resolve leaving litigants both physically hurt and emotionally stressed out.  Pre-settlement lawsuit loans provide much needed cash to help you endure the process.

If you need money now and cannot wait until settlement, call us for same day settlement loans today at 888-964-2224 or use our online application to start the process.


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