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Settlement Funding Types helps clients obtain cash advances on their lawsuits.

Automobile Accidents

An auto accident can cause both physical, emotional, and often financial hardship on victims. If the legal process is frustrating you but the bills keep coming, settlement funding could very well be the best way to endure the process so that you can settle for what you deserve.

BP Gulf Oil Spill Cases

BP’s negligence resulted in billions of dollars worth of damages to individuals and businesses located in the Gulf States of Mississippi, Florida, Texas, Louisiana and Alabama. Victims suffered severe economic losses in the form of lost profits and wages. Some entire businesses were lost due to the oil spill. Damages are being paid by BP for their reckless actions and disregard for safety concerns. Many victims are eligible to receive money for their losses.

Brain Injury Cases

Although a unique type of injury, brain injuries are legitimate damages from which a plaintiff can recover in a lawsuit. These injuries are quite complex however, and a large amount of time may elapse before the injury’s severity is uncovered. As a result, litigation can take years. Meanwhile, plaintiffs can endure severe emotional and financial stress. In some cases, money can help ease the burden. This is where can help!

Burn Injury Cases

Treatment for serious burn injuries is lengthy. It is also very expensive. More importantly, the victim often is forced to endure a long, drawn out legal process before the case is ready for trial or settlement. Meanwhile, daily living expenses must continue to be paid, otherwise, more stress and suffering could result. helps burn victims with lawsuits with settlement funding at the lowest rates possible.

Bus Accidents

A bus accident is not your typical motor vehicle accident. Passengers are usually unrestrained by a seat belt thereby increasing the risk of severe physical injury, should an accident occur. Unfortunately, the recovery process is a long one.

Cases on Appeal

Litigants often learn the hard way that even though they were successful at trial, the fun has only begun. The appeals process awaits these plaintiffs – the multitude of steps in the litigation process designed to separate you from your verdict, your money, and your sanity.

Civil Rights Cases

Civil Rights protect individuals from unwarranted action by people or government agencies. There are numerous laws that offer relief to a victim whose civil rights have been violated.

DePuy / Hip Replacement

It has been recorded that over 35,000 patients have had the DePuy Hip implant surgery. It is estimated that approximately half of the implants will deteriorate within 5-10 years time. As time goes on, more plaintiffs will become part of the class action suit.

FELA Cases

In response to a growing need, the United States Congress passed the Federal Employers’ Liability Act (FELA) which authorized the compensation of railroad employees for injuries sustained on the job. Although the law arose out of the need to compensate injured or killed railroad workers as the country expanded westward in the 1800′s, today, railroad workers who are injured on the job can still recover compensation for job-related personal injuries.

Jones Act Cases

The Jones Act was enacted to protect the sea worker financially from the dangers in his work environment. Liability is based upon negligence law and a vessel owner is liable for even a small breach of the duty of care to these workers.

Labor Law Cases

Construction work is imminently dangerous especially during high elevation work using scaffolding, ladders or on top of roofs. A minor lapse in the worker’s concentration or focus could result in a fall or other serious accident.

Legal Malpractice

Lawyers are trained professionals and licensed by the state in which they conduct business. Although the skills, experience and expertise of each attorney may differ, attorneys should be competent to provide legal services to their clients.

When a lawyer is not competent and makes an egregious error resulting in a lost case or the loss of another legal right; a legal malpractice claim may be the client’s only available option to recoup damages.

Medical Malpractice

The Doctor – Patient relationship is a personal one. As such, our legal system mandates that medical professionals uphold a certain standard of care for patient treatment. If damages are caused by breaching this standard of care, a medical malpractice lawsuit may ensue.

Nursing Home Cases

Nursing homes and their employees and/or agents are responsible for upholding a certain standard of care for elderly persons’ treatment. If damages are caused by breaching this standard of care, a nursing home abuse lawsuit may ensue.

Pedestrian Cases

Pedestrian accidents often involve very severe injuries. Accidents of this nature sometimes result in lawsuits designed to compensate victims for their damages. Pedestrian injury lawsuits sometimes involve catastrophic injuries leaving the victim disabled or otherwise severely damaged.

Pharmaceutical (Drug) Cases

Use of defective drugs, also known as Pharmaceuticals, often results in Product Liability lawsuits. can help you obtain settlement funding before a products’ liability pharmaceutical case settles.

Millions of injuries in the United States are caused by defective pharmaceutical products. Injuries range from nausea, headaches and dizziness to the wrongful death of a patient. Various courts recognize a victim’s right to file a lawsuit for a defective product or intentional misrepresentation of products.

Premises Liability

One common type of lawsuit involving personal injury and settlement funding is when a plaintiff gets injured on another’s property. These are termed “premises liability” lawsuits. Like slip and fall/trip and fall cases, premises liability cases are based in negligence law. Under this standard, a property owner owes a duty of care to any invitees onto the property.

Product Liability

Defective products resulted in millions of injuries to unsuspecting victims throughout the history of the United States. Injuries caused by defective products range from small cuts, burns or bruises to the wrongful death of an individual. When any injury is caused by a defective product, victims can sue under state “products liability” laws.

Slip and Fall Cases

One of the most common personal injury cases involving lawsuit settlement funding are “slip and fall” accidents. Basic negligence law states any invitee to a premises, whether a home, sidewalk, store front, etc., is owed a duty of care to keep him/her safe from physical harm. The duty is owed by the property owner who must ensure visitors’ safety by reasonable means. When this duty is breached, the property owner may be sued for negligence.

Transvaginal Mesh Cases

Female urinary stress incontinence (SUI) and pelvic organ prolapse (POP) conditions are still being treated through the use of transvaginal mesh and vaginal slings (TV Mesh, TVM). POP is when a pelvic organ drops from its intended spot in your lower stomach and pushes against the vaginal walls. Many women suffering from POP had transvaginal mesh products implanted to remedy the condition. Unfortunately they now suffer from serious complications.

Workers Compensation

Most states have laws covering worker injuries. These laws compensate workers even though they were completely or partially at fault. Worker’s compensation laws (also known as Workman’s Compensation) benefit an employee when the injury occurred while on the job. The employee must simply show that he/she was injured and was working at the time of injury.

Wrongful Death

If the negligence of another caused a loved one to pass away; there is a law to compensate Plaintiffs looking for compensation. There are “Wrongful Death” statutes in many jurisdictions.

3rd Party Accident Cases

Many states have laws in place to cover employees if they become injured while on the job. These are typically referred to as worker’s compensation cases but are often caused by a negligent “third party.” What this means is that the worker is injured as a result of someone other than the employer’s negligence. When this occurs, not only does the injured employee have a claim for worker’s compensation benefits, they also have a “third party” claim for negligence.

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