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Settlement Funding FAQs

Am I eligible for your services?

Almost all “general negligence” lawsuits which can result in a financial recovery (damages) are eligible for “settlement funding”. A list of some of the specific fundable cases is available. If you have any questions about whether your can qualify, please contact us at once to discuss your options. The call is FREE and the number is 888-964-2224.

Do you fund Workers Compensation Claims?

Yes, we fund Workers Compensation cases in many states. However, some states are NOT eligible for funding. Please inquire with us directly by filling out the “Quick Application” or calling us at 888-964-2224.

Is the funding considered a “loan” which I must eventually pay back?

The advance is NOT a loan, which implies repayment at some point in the future. Lawsuit settlement funding is deemed “non-recourse”. This means that if there is no recovery, the funding is NOT repaid.

What actual out of pocket or monthly expenses are due from me?

There are NO monthly payments for you to make. Neither are there any upfront costs. The only cost to you is when your case settles. At that time, your attorney repays the amount due on the contract.

How long does the process take?

Every case is different but we routinely fund clients within 24-48 hours of their submission. Cash is then forwarded via overnight delivery or immediately with a bank wire.

What is the minimum/maximum advance that I can take?

The minimum cash advance amount is $500. The maximum amount on each case depends on the case but there is NO absolute maximum amount available.

Do you offer or have the ability to make legal decisions involving my case?

No, only you and your attorney can do that. We do not and cannot offer any legal advice with regard to your case.

Are my records kept confidential?

We only use your to facilitate your settlement funding application. Your information is only shared with our underwriters to verify information that pertains to your case.

Are there any specific restrictions on what I can use the money for?

There is no restriction whatsoever with regard to how you utilize the proceeds from the arrangement.

Can I receive additional money even if I have already received an advance?

Yes, you can receive additional money even if your have already received an advance.

Does my attorney need to be involved?

Yes, your attorney usually provides us with the required paperwork and must acknowledge the settlement funding for the file and repay the balance when the case is concluded.

Do I need approval from my attorney in order to take an advance?

No, but it is probably better for all those involved if you can make your attorney understand your situation and gain his/her cooperation.

How do I begin the process of “advance funding” from my case?

No, but it is probably better for all those involved if you can make your attorney understand your situation and gain his/her cooperation.

To begin, complete our “Quick Application” below or call us toll FREE at 888-964-2224.

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