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Critics of lawsuit loans see the industry as preying on an unsuspecting group of desperate plaintiffs. Some even call the business of providing upfront cash to litigants prior to settlement "lawsuit loan sharking".  These same critics deem the ... Read More


Soft tissue lawsuit funding makes up a great deal of the lawsuit funding industry.  A large percentage of  applicants only apply for a small funding, sometimes less than $1,000.  While it may be true that even plaintiffs with ... Read More


Lawsuit Funding - The Advantages of this Financial Life Line In uncertain financial times, many individuals face money problems because they are unemployed, living above their means or any other of the many reasons to be needing additional cash.  ... Read More


A FedEx truck driver has filed suit against the city of Memphis and its former Police Chief after an auto accident on June 23rd. The civil action lawsuit, filed in Macomb County Circuit Court, stems from a two-car accident which left both vehicles totaled and left the FedEx truck driver, Sean ... Read More


The father of a young Chicago woman seriously injured in an automobile accident has filed lawsuit against the driver of the vehicle. Kelsey Ibach, a 25-year-old journalism student at the University of Michigan, and several of her friends were out for a night on the town, visiting several River North nightclubs. ... Read More


A woman died in a motorcycle accident recently on Interstate 84. The victim was riding as a pillion passenger on a motorcycle on the eastbound lane in West Hartford, Connecticut. The motorcycle came to an abrupt stop and crashed into a car in front. The motorcycle fell onto its side, throwing ... Read More


A young man was seriously injured in an auto accident in Argyle, New York which took place at the CR-49 and ST-40 intersection recently. A car driven by a 17 year old ran a stop sign and drove into the path of a Jeep Wrangler. The driver reacted quickly and narrowly ... Read More


At Fair Rate Funding, we process over one thousand inquiries each month.  Our clients request funding amounts ranging from $1000 to $400,000.  Also, we routinely receive applications for lawsuit funding amounts of less than $1,000.  Although some plaintiffs with "heavy" cases may only need a few bucks, the majority of ... Read More

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